J O N    M  U  L  H  E  R  N

I believe painting and art as a whole should function as an instrument that challenges popular culture, inspires creativity, and provokes discourse. I also believe in art as the pursuit of quality. Art requires you to get your hands dirty and work through the concept of an image. For these reasons, I treat art as nothing less than a historical process of one’s own expression. My work always encompasses more than imagery or aesthetics. Blending the past, natural elements, contemporary events, and multiple influences my art juxtaposes street art with traditional painting. In subject and form, I remain concerned with landscape, movements, calligraphy, abstraction and expressionism. My work is meant to provoke a great awe of this world, that can be in the summit, the silence and the expressions of painting. This work is my sweat, it is my life’s work, my challenges, and passions. This is an embodiment of energy and effort - just as a book is much more than its cover. These pieces express why I roll my sleeves up every morning, they are my mountain.